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Regretfully I am unable to take on clients for MLD at present, but I hope to return to it in the future. Please refer to the therapist list on the MLDUK website where you should be able to find a therapist near to you, www.mlduk.org.uk



Manual Lymphatic Drainage - Cambridge

Reduce Swelling and Promote Healing

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a very light, relaxing and rhythmical form of massage. I have over 12 years experience in this wonderful therapy and have found that it is particularly effective in:

  • Reducing primary and secondary lymphoedema, the latter sometimes arising after surgery
  • Reducing pain, e.g. headaches and backache
  • Improving chronic conditions, e.g. sinusitis, arthritis, acne and other skin conditions
  • Relieving swelling and fluid retention, for example swollen ankles and puffy eyes
  • Helping to heal injuries and reduce bruising
  • Promotes healing after surgery
  • Improving scars and stretch marks and the general appearance of the skin
  • Helping to detoxify the body


How does manual lymphatic drainage work?

MLD encourages the collection of a body fluid known as lymph. Lymph is present in the tissue throughout the body and its function is to carry nutrients to the cells and collect any waste, cell debris, bacteria and foreign material present in the tissue spaces.

The massage allows the lymph to flow more freely around the body, renewing and strengthening cells and tissues while allowing it to be cleansed as it passes through the lymph nodes. Any excess fluid eventually to leaves the body via the kidneys. Where there is a blockage known as secondary lymphoedema the massage can redirect the flow of the lymphatic fluid and open up new pathways to relieve the swelling.

The medical benefits of Manual lymph drainage are highly regarded in Europe and USA. In the U.K. it is now becoming an accepted part of Complex Decongestive Therapy (CDT) used within the NHS and other medical institutions for problems of lymphoedema.


CDT/MLD treatments for Lymphoedema

CDT, or Combined Decongestive Therapy, is a range of treatments used specifically for sufferers of lymphoedema. Where required these treatments include MLD, compression bandaging of the limb, exercise and fitting of a compression garment such as a sleeve or stocking. A more intensive course of treatments is required for CDT.

I am experienced in using CDT to treat both primary and secondary lymphoedema and have worked with many cancer patients. Treatments may be longer and the practicalities of it as well as prices will be discussed with you.


What happens in a MLD treatment?

In the first session I take a full medical history and discuss your condition with you. After making an assessment I explain how the treatment will progress, how many sessions you will need and, if agreed, I will commence with a short treatment.

The massage is very gentle and soporific and is done in a warm, safe environment. Usually only some clothes need be removed.



For more information see the MLDUK website: www.mlduk.org.uk

Or phone MLDUK : 01592 748008

Lymphoedema Support Network: 020 7351 4480