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Naturopathic Consultations - Cambridge

When you make an appointment for a consultation you might like to discuss the types of consultation available:

  • straightforward naturopathy without any testing. Although I can discern a lot from this consultation the information will be limited. 1 hour.
  • Naturopathy with live blood analysis - 1 1/2 hoursThis is the most popular type of consultation because it allows me to get an insight into your physiological processes and the state of your health. Most of the consultation is taken up with both you and I observing your blood picture on a screen while I evaluate your health and explain to you what is happening.
  • Sometimes, if necessary, I might order further tests to confirm certain findings from the consultation. These could be tests for heavy metals and/or toxins, hormone tests, homocysteine tests and many more done through urine, blood or saliva.

Whichever type of consultation you choose you will be sent a questionnaire which I ask you to return to me before the appointment. This helps me to get a picture of your history in advance thus saving time in the consultation.

What happens during the consultation?  Firstly we have a discussion about your health and then I carry out diagnostic techniques such as pH readings, pulse and tongue diagnosis. If you are having a live blood analysis I take a sample of blood, which involves a simple tiny prick to one of your fingers. We look at the blood picture together and I explain what is apparent. 

I will enable you to understand your condition and together we discuss solutions such as diet, lifestyle and treatment programme so that you can take control of returning your body to good health.

Following the consultation I will write a brief report and full recommendations which I send to you, usually by email, within a few days.

Follow-up appointments are required after 4-6 weeks so that progress can be monitored and treatment adjustments made as necessary. In the case of live blood analysis your blood is rechecked after 3-4 months.

Look at the Pricing page to see charges related to the above.