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Naturopathic Treatments

The basis of good health starts with what we put into our bodies. I will give you a tailor made treatment programme and guidelines to help you make helpful changes to your lifestyle. These will include:

  • Nutrition - how you should eat according to the results of your tests and condition being treated.
  • Nutritional Supplements: Where there are chronic deficiencies or your condition could benefit from increasing certain nutrients, nutritional supplements will be recommended.
  • Detoxification - if your condition has been brought about by your body storing up toxins due to over-exposure to chemicals, drugs, poor quality food or stress then a detox programme will be recommended. This could involve following a detox diet for a period of time, undertaking an intestinal cleansing programme (not colonic irrigation) or a liver cleanse programme or a short fast.
  • Specific remedies to deal with the disturbances in your system as seen in your blood picture.
  • If I think you need another type of therapy that I don't provide I will refer you to a colleague such as a homeopath, herbalist or colonic hydrotherapist.